Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 0 - A Quick Intro

Hi and Welcome!

Are you an Etsy newbie? Well, I am too.

I came across Etsy's website a few months ago when I was pregnant and looking for special gifts for my unborn daughter. I had planned to stay at home for three months after giving birth and continue to work at my day job from home as well as attempt to do something on the side.

Etsy seemed like a good place to give it a try, so I signed up and walked away with the idea that I would someday look more into it and see what it was all about.

Then, sometime in October, I went for it and posted a few items that my mom, grandma and I made during the last months of my pregnancy. I knew right from the beginning that they would not sell immediately and that my biggest disadvantage was that everyone on Etsy seemed to have enough money to hire professional photographers. (At some point, I also honestly thought that Etsy had some sort of a magic tool that would turn any image I uploaded into a pretty one). Boy, was I wrong?

Anyhow, after a few days it became clear that I was missing out on a lot of information and that just like selling on Ebay, there had to be some sort of trick/technique to sell on Etsy.

This is how I then found all the information I share in this 30-day Challenge. I truly believe that following these steps will make you successful on Etsy and that each and every one of us is capable of achieving such success.

I wish you all the luck in this challenge and please do come back to tell us about your experience once you complete it.

Much Love,


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